Komor, Lentz, Walker Come Away With Wins


Three of the 19 racers from the Journal-News Motorsports area came away with victories in Atkinson on Sunday, July 4, as the WFO Hare Scramble series continues on.

Litchfield’s Ryan Komor, Walshville’s Travis Lentz and Morrisonville’s Jhak Walker all came away with victories, with their fellow area riders often providing the biggest source of competition.

That was the case for sure in Lentz’s win as he completed five laps in 52 minutes and 20 seconds to win the 65cc class. Just 62 seconds behind him was Donnellson’s Cooper Duff, while Carlinville’s Rylan Wise finished fifth on the day.

In the other youth classes, Ty Rosentreter of Carlinville and Jhorgie Walker of Morrisonville were ninth and 12th in the younger (4-to-6 years old) 50cc class, while their siblings, Colt Rosentreter and Jhenner Walker, were third and sixth in the older (7-8) 50cc class. Carlinville’s Dawson Wise would race in the 65cc Beginner class, finishing eighth overall.

In the adult classes, Ryan Komor picked up his third WFO win this year running seven laps in 102.18. Komor, who races in the 201-Open C class, has competed in five of the six races, with two second place finishes to go along with his three wins.

Jhak Walker’s win came in the 98-Open B class, as he beat out Kyle Walker of Geneseo and Collin Johnson of Gillespie. Walker ran seven laps in 110.14, beating the other Walker in the field by 1:26 and Johnson by 5:08. Brayden Pickerill of Harvel also raced in the 98-Open B class, finishing eighth.

Familiar last names dotted the remaining adult results as Jeremey Walker (dad of the Morrisonville Walkers) was second in 40+ A, Darold Johnson (Collin’s dad) was second in 40+ B, Steve Pickerill (Brayden’s dad) was fourth in 50+ B/C and Jim Komor (Ryan’s dad) was eighth in 40+ C.

In addition to the dad squad, Michael Robinson of Carlinville was fourth in 30+ B, Jordan Emmons of Carlinville was fifth in 98-Open A; and Lake Plowman of Waverly was fifth in AA.

The next race on the WFO Hare Scramble schedule was at Byron on July 18, after rain forced the cancellation of the event in Mt. Pleasant, IA, on July 11.

WFO Hare Scrambles

July 4 at Atkinson

50cc (4-6): 9. Ty Rosentreter, Carlinville; 12. Jhorgie Walker, Morrisonville

50cc (7-8): 3. Colt Rosentreter, Carlinville; 6. Jhenner Walker, Morrisonville

65cc Beginner: 8. Dawson Wise, Carlinville

65cc: 1. Travis Lentz, Walshville - 52.20, 5 laps; 2. Cooper Duff, Donnellson - 53.22, 5 laps; 5. Rylan Wise, Carlinville - 46.51, 4 laps

AA: 5. Lake Plowman, Waverly - 108.05, 7 laps

98-OpenA: 5. Jordan Emmons, Carlinville - 62.00, 4 laps

40+ A: 2. Jeremy Walker, Morrisonville - 117.48, 7 laps

98-Open B: 1. Jhak Walker, Morrisonville - 110.14, 7 laps; 3. Collin Johnson, Gillespie - 115.22, 7 laps; 8. Brayden Pickerill, Harvel - 109.07, 6 laps

30+ B: 4. Michael Robinson, Carlinville - 110.41, 6 laps

40+ B: 2. Darold Johnson, Gillespie - 108.25, 6 laps

50+ B/C: 4. Steve Pickerill, Harvel 95.13, 6 laps

201-Open C: 1. Ryan Komor, Litchfield - 102.18, 7 laps

40+ C: 8. Jim Komor, Litchfield - 94.08, 5 laps


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