Information Sought On 'Hiltoppers'


One of the most frequent questions I hear outside of Hillsboro is, "Why is Hiltopper spelled with just one 'L'?"

Great question. And one I'd like to get to the bottom of, although I usually like to say that they gave the other "L" to the competition. 

I found an article from the March 1,1948 edition of The Montgomery News that stated that the Hiltopper moniker had been voted on by students that year, beating out Tigers and Hornets as the official mascot.

The article mentions that the teams had been known as "Hiltoppers" for several years, but didn't explain the origins. I have some suspicions that it has to do with the yearbook, The Hiltop, which has been around since 1924, but if anyone knows the full story, I'd love to hear from you.

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