Hiltoppers Take Six Points At Doubles Tennis Tourney


It was two-for-one day at the Hillsboro Sports Complex on Saturday, Sept. 12, as the Toppers hosted a doubles tournament with the tennis teams from Greenville and Vandalia.

Hillsboro would put together six teams for the event, which featured 16 total matches. Four of the six teams would go 1-1 on the day, with one going 2-0.

In the number one matches, Torrence Clark and Ella Pfeifer teamed up to beat Angelica Ferranto and Riely Ward of Vandalia 10-4, but fell to Greenville’s top team, Paige Mathias and Katelyn Ridens 10-5.

Paige Lucykow and Sally Mattson would earn the sweep in the number two matches as they beat Samantha Rittis and Gracie Philpot of Vandalia 10-8 and Evie Johnson and Ellie Schaufelberger of Greenville 9-8.

Meghan Garmon and Brook Ozier would win big over Delaney Ward and Victoria Blackburn of Vandalia, posting a 10-3 win, but had the tables turned in their match with Megan Fitzgerald and Anna Walker of Greenville, who scored a 10-3 win of their own in the number three matches.

Tressie Clinard and Haley Major teamed up for the number four matches and posted a 10-7 win over Leona Baum and Haley Beckert, but lost 10-3 to Greenville’s Cora Miller and Mary-Kate Long.

The teams of Macy Shipman and Ruthie Mathews and Melissa Bell and Madi Devore would split the number five and six matches, which were made up of just teams from Greenville and Hillsboro. Shipman and Mathews lost to Leona Baum and Haley Beckert of Greenville 10-8, but beat the Comets’ team of Alyssa Rehkemper and Abi Hardin 10-6. Bell and Devore would lose a close one to Rehkemper and Hardin, 11-10 in a tiebreaker, and fell to Baum and Beckert 10-3.

All told, Hillsboro would win six of their 12 matches, while Greenville won nine of their 12. Vandalia would take third at the tournament with one win in their eight matches.

Sept. 12 at Hillsboro

Doubles Tournament

Greenville 9, Hillsboro 6, Vandalia 1

No. 1 - Paige Mathias/Katelyn Ridens (G) def. Riely Ward/Angelica Ferranto (V) 10-6; Katelyn Ridens/Paige Mathias (G) def. Torrence Clark/Ella Pfeifer (H) 10-5; Torrence Clark/Ella Pfeifer (H) def. Angelica Ferranto/Riely Ward (V) 10-4.

No. 2 - Samantha Rittis/Gracie Philpot (V) def. Ellie Schaufelberger/Evie Johnson (G) 10-6; Paige Lucykow/Sally Matson (H) def. Samantha Rittis/Gracie Philpot (V) 10-8; Paige Lucykow/Sally Matson (H) def. Evie Johnson/Ellie Schaufelberger (G) 9-8.

No. 3 - Meghan Garmon/Brook Ozier (H) def. Delaney Ward/Victoria Blackburn (V) 10-3; Megan Fitzgerald/Anna Walker (G) def. Meghan Garmon/Brook Ozier (H) 10-3; Megan Fitzgerald/Anna Walker (G) def. Victoria Blackburn/Delaney Ward (V) 10-4.

No. 4 - Cora Miller/Mary-Kate Long (G) def. Tressie Clinard/Haley Major (H) 10-3; Cora Miller/Mary-Kate Long (G) def. Delaney Ward/Victoria Blackburn (V) 10-2; Tressie Clinard/Haley Major (H) def. Leona Baum/Haley Beckert (G) 10-7.

No. 5 - Leona Baum/Haley Beckert (G) def. Macy Shipman/Ruthie Mathews Ruthie (H) 10-8; Leona Baum/Haley Beckert (G) def. Madi Devore/Melissa Bell (H) 10-3.

No. 6 - Alyssa Rehkemper/Abi Hardin (G) def. Melissa Bell/Madi Devore (H) 11-10 (3); Macy Shipman/Ruthie Mathews (H) def. Alyssa Rehkemper/Abi Hardin (G) 10-6.


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