Hillsboro Launches New Marketing Website


The City of Hillsboro launched a marketing website on Tuesday morning, Nov. 10. The website launched as www.headtohillsboro.com with the tagline “A Different Sort of Place” and highlights aspects of living and working in Hillsboro.

“While we all hope that everyone who views the website is filled with pride for their community, the website is really geared towards outsiders,” said Jonathan Weyer, the community and economic planner for the City of Hillsboro. “The marketing website is a way of showcasing all the great qualities that the community has to offer.”

Weyer went on to explain that the target audience is people who want to retire to a town that has things going on, millennials and older generation Z’ers who are looking for a quieter life while being able to work remotely and the weekend tourism crowd. The Head to Hillsboro website features an easy to navigate layout that centers on four different categories, exploring, shopping, eating and residing in Hillsboro. Various aspects of the city are highlighted within each of the categories.

Acting as an informative guide for tourists and potential residents, the Head to Hillsboro website lists the city’s restaurants, businesses and real estate companies, and showcases the school district, lakes and parks, including Bremer Sanctuary. It also pays homage to the history of the city with tributes to president Abraham Lincoln, Otto Funk and “celebrities” that hail from the city.

Years in the works, the page was developed through a collaboration of the city, Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce, Imagine Hillsboro, The Journal-News, Atlas 46 and community members who provided input and assistance in the writing, design and production of the Head to Hillsboro website. The city has also launched a new social media account Head to Hillsboro on Facebook to coincide with the launch of the marketing website. Additional accounts on various social media forums will be launched in the coming weeks.

Head to Hillsboro also  hopes to highlight current residents through special blog, art and podcast sections. Local artists, writers  and podcasters that would like their work displayed on the website are asked to contact Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Kaitlyn Fath at contact@hillsborochamber.net. 

The website is a living project, meaning that it will constantly change according to the input that is received. Community members are invited to provide insights on ways to improve the website. Weyer was quick to clarify that the website launch marks the start of the city’s marketing plans and that he estimates it will take six months to a year for everything to fully ramp up.

Those interested in being featured on the new website or that have constructive input are directed to contact Weyer at 217-532-5566.  


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