Hillsboro Extends Water Agreement With T.S.


Three of four city council members met with Mayor Don Downs and water plant supervisor Tim Ferguson Thursday afternoon, June 10, to extend the contract which regulates water purchased by Taylor Springs from Hillsboro. Attending in person were Downs and council members Kendra Wright and Daniel Robbins while Michael Murphy attended by phone. Finance Commissioner Katie Duncan was absent.

The current contract was dated Aug. 27, 2019, with a rate negotiations opener possible in 2024; it was to expire in 2034. Taylor Springs is applying for a United States Department of Agricultural (USDA) grant to help with costs of water infrastructure improvements, including possible replacement of lead pipes, but the grant application requires the water purchase agreement be for a longer term.

After exploring the situation, the mayor said, “It’s the right thing to do for Taylor Springs.” The vote was 3-0 in agreement, and the new expiration date is now near the end of August of 2051.


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