Hillsboro Council Buys Two New Trucks, Mower


The Hillsboro City Council, minus Commissioner Michael Murphy, held a rather quick meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 10, as the motion to adjourn came at 7:55 p.m. Several purchases were approved in that time frame, all unanimously.

Two state bids were approved for 2022 Ford F-350 trucks; the new wheels for the Parks Department will cost $36,170. A bit more costly is the one for the Street Department, which will arrive tool storage ready at a price of $46,630. Both vehicles had been budgeted; motions to purchase were made by Commissioner Daniel Robbins.

Also purchased was a Grasshopper zero-turn, 32-inch deck mower purchased at Barker Implement in Raymond. Mayor Don Downs asked why it wouldn’t be a John Deere or a unit sold by a more local dealer. Robbins said the price differential eliminated two prospective sellers, and a third had replied to a request for a bid.

Money was also spent on recreation needs that may boost tourism, as well as quality of life for Hillsboro residents. After approval was given to pursue a playground grant from Open Space Lands Acquisition (OSLAD), the council approved a future purchase of a handicapped accessible merry-go-round for $40,630. The grant is a ten percent city, 90 percent grant offer, and Mayor Downs felt sure the merry-go-round expense will count as the city’s ten percent. It was also pointed out that although the expense is okayed, that doesn’t have to be executed immediately.


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