Hillsboro Asks You Be Careful What You Flush


This letter is for residents who are connected to the city of Hillsboro sewer system directly or indirectly.

The purpose is to educate you as a resident and customer as to what should not be flushed down the toilets in your home or place of business.

In recent years, we have been experiencing an alarming number of clogged sewer pumps because of foreign materials being flushed. Our sewer system and the pumps are designed to handle water, human waste, and toilet tissue only and other items clog and damage them.

Items that should never be flushed or poured into drains:

• Cloth rags or towels

• Feminine hygiene items of any kind (even if they indicate they are “flushable”)

• Baby wipes, disinfecting wipes, toilet wipes, or any other kind of towelettes (even if they indicate they are “flushable”)

• Paper other than toilet tissue

• Medications of any kind

• Beauty products, dental floss, Q-tips

• Plastics of any kind

• Grease of any kind

• Garden supplies, pesticides, dirt, fertilizers, etc.

• Paint, varnish, paint removers, etc.

• Motor oil, gasoline, or any explosive materials

When these items are flushed and make their way into the public sewer system they clog the pumps that keep our sewer flowing. Clogged pumps lead to expensive repairs, sewer backups, and public health issues. These are problems that affect us all through inconvenience or higher sewer rates.

We ask that you please share this information with all members of your household and all guests. Doing so will ensure that we can operate without avoidable and expensive future problems.


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