Find Your Spark By Exploring 4-H


Welcome to 4-H, where you can find your spark by exploring different project areas, and finding what you really like to do. Among these many project areas, you can join visual arts, STEM where you can join e-sports, take aerospace, electricity, or learn how to code computer programs, among others. You can also do intercultural projects, veterinary science, agriculture, health and nutrition, shooting sports and exploratory projects like collectibles and building stuff with Legos. The possibilities are endless!

My name is Jonathan Schmidt, and my spark is e-sports, where I have been on a 4-H e-sports team and have helped the University of Illinois Extension develop the e-sports curriculum over the last year. Some of the things we worked on were learning how to promote good sportsmanship, and have good teamwork when we practiced with our teams.

We also encouraged living a well-balanced lifestyle that includes good nutrition, exercise, sleep schedules, and keeping other more important priorities first like school work, actual work, and spending time with family. We also talked about career options in the field. I have really enjoyed it and intend to do more in the future.

4-H is a good place to make friends and to build skills that could help one’s future career. There are so many different project areas, which make it easy to explore many different career options. If you want to join 4-H and do all of these things, sign up at

Jonathan Schmidt

Montgomery County Clovers


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