Everything On The Internet Is Not True


I would like to thank those school board members who voted against the motion to investigate suing the Governor over his mask mandate.

In leaving, I mentioned the military and would like to expand my remarks now.

I played a role in generating all those names on the Vietnam Memorial and secondly, worked for the defense department as one of four program managers moving all command-and-control data to the internet starting in 1974.  Little did any of us have any idea where the internet would go.

Right now, the country is at war with COVID.  In fact, it would take 11 walls to put the names of the COVID deaths on a wall–more than the deaths in our worst war, the Civil War. 

When we go to war, we should use the best tools available.  We would not send troops into combat without body armor.  Why should we send our children without masks, since our local doctors recommended them as well as the country’s leading epidemiologists?

Here is where the internet comes in, thanks partly to the First Amendment and free speech in conjunction with talk radio and cable news.  Amazingly enough, everything on the internet is not true, factual, or correct.  In fact, the internet is a fountain of misinformation which provides support for any idea, theory, or opinion one wants to believe.  My personal current favorite is instead of COVID vaccines, take horse de-wormer.  Good luck with that one.

All this leads to a divided community and opinions without fact.

Jim O’Neill



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