Energy Company Promises $100 To Switch


Late last week I received what I first perceived to be a letter from Santa in the mail; if I called an 800 number by Jan. 15, I’d receive a $100 Visa gift card.  To receive the gift card, all I had to do was call the number and enroll with an energy supply company.

Of course I was interested; $100 isn’t easy for an old guy to earn, but it would be used quickly, especially in Christmas shopping season.  Foolishly, I assumed the energy company was the one who has the aggregated agreement with Hillsboro to supply residents with energy, but I checked at city hall this morning.  Another company, Homefield Energy, won the bid.

So, the company who sent the letter is in effect trying to draw residences out of the pool promised to Homefield by offering a gift card to those who switch.  I have no allegiance to Homefield, but it insults my intelligence to think my business can be bought, especially so cheaply.

Hillsboro’s city clerk said I and other city residents can expect similar offers from other companies.  All I’m sure of in the bewildering-world-to-me that we live in is that companies who offer customers money to switch providers know they, not I, will gain in the process.

I’ve known for 72 of my 78 years that there is no Santa.  I also know marketing schemes have become insidious and all too pervasive.

Ron Deabenderfer



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