Elderly Need A Voice Now More Than Ever


The forgotten members of our community during this pandemic are our fellow citizens in nursing care facilities.

They are being held in the facility without visits from family or friends.  They are being penalized for no crime.

If the help in the office, on the floor, and in the kitchen can go in and out, so can family visitors.  People who want to visit can wear protective wear and safely visit their loved ones.  

They are at risk from dying from broken hearts, and the facility is not properly inspected if the public has no access to the operation.  They are more than glad to tell visitors what is actually going on inside the facility that needs to be changed or corrected.  I have witnessed situations that needed correction and have been very vocal about it.

For years I have been an advocate for the unborn, and now I am trying to be an advocate for our elderly.  Let’s not forget them over a virus.  The death rate is not alarming here, but the mental and emotional toll on everybody is showing.  People need each other.  Those elderly need a voice now more than ever.


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