Dozen From Area Golf At Drysdale Jr. Tourney


Twelve area golfers were among those teeing it up in Springfield last week for the Drysdale Junior Golf Tournament, with still three alive going into the tournament’s final day.

The younger players teed off at Bergen Golf Course for nine holes, with the preliminary round on Monday, July 12. Elijah Miller of Hillsboro and Brylan Marten of Litchfield both played in the 8-10 division, shooting 46 and 79. In the 11-13 group, Walker Stewart of Nokomis and Kamden Marten of Litchfield also played at Bergen, shooting 53 and 71.

The older group played at Bunn Golf Course, with 18 holes on tap for the event. The largest group of players were in the 14-15 boys division, with Tug Schwab of Litchfield shooting a 90, Brady Schmedeke of Morrisonville carding a 91, Ian Otto of Litchfield shooting a 94 and Coffeen’s Tycen Thacker adding a 113.

In the older group, 16-17, Litchfield’s Laura Boston shot a 92 to advance to the championship flight, while Keagan Marten and Zach Boston of Litchfield and Raymond’s Levi Weir played on the boys side, shooting 89, 98 and 99 respectively.

July 13

After the preliminary rounds, the tournament went to match play on July 13. At Bergen, three of the four area players won, with Kamden Marten seeing his tournament come to an end in the second flight against Kohen Stotlar, who snuck by with a 3-up-1 win.

Elijah Miller won 2-up-1 over Logan Bryant in the 8-10 championship flight, while Brylan Marten collected a win over Ryan Barnhart 3-up-2 in the second flight. In the 11-13 division, Walker Stewart moved on with a 4-up-3 win over Cade Vinyard.

At Bunn, Laura Boston fell to Ellissa Waren in the championship flight, 4-up-3, and moved to the consolation bracket. In the other two 16-17 year-old division matches, Zach Boston drew a bye and Levi Weir lost 2-up to Michael Pemberton.

In the 14-15 boys second flight, Tug Schwab defeated Jack Turnbull 8-up-6, but Brady Schmedeke and Ian Otto both saw their tournaments come to an end with losses. Tycen Thacker joined Schwab in the next round, picking up a bye in the third flight.

July 14

Wednesday, July 14 was a tough day for the young golfers at Bergen as Elijah Miller, Brylan Marten and Walker Stewart all saw their tournaments come to an end. Laura Boston also bowed out of the consolation championship, falling to Molly Marriott 5-up-3.

The older boys fared better, with Zach Boston, Tug Schwab and Tycen Thacker all winning to advance to the final day. Boston took a 1-up win over Bryant Crosnoe, while his fellow Litchfield Panther Schwab beat Alio Giacomini 3-up-1. Thacker rounded out the group with a 7-up-6 win over Mac Stone.

July 15

Of the three still alive on Thursday, one would come away as a winner of his flight. Tug Schwab was lights out in a 6-up-4 win over Trace Donnan to win the second flight in the 14-15 division.

Zach Boston and Tycen Thacker would both come up short in close matches, with Boston falling 4-up-3 to Charlie Reiss and Jacob Jenkins downing Thacker 1-up after 19 holes.

The tournament was a good warm-up for the older players, many of whom will begin their high school golf season on Aug. 12.

Drysdale Jr. Golf Tourney

July 12 at Springfield

at Bergen Golf Course

Boys 8-10: Elijah Miller, Hillsboro - 46; Brylan Marten, Litchfield - 79

Boys 11-13: Walker Stewart, Nokomis - 53; Kamden Marten, Litchfield - 71;

at Bunn Golf Course

Girls 16-17: Laura Boston, Litchfield - 92

Boys 16-17: Keagan Marten, Litchfield 89; Zach Boston, Litchfield - 98; Levi Weir, Raymond - 99

Boys 14-15: Tug Schwab, Litchfield - 90; Brady Schmedeke, Morrisonville - 91; Ian Otto, Litchfield - 94; Tycen Thacker, Coffeen - 113

July 13 at Springfield

at Bergen Golf Course

Boys 8-10 Championship Flight: Elijah Miller, Hillsboro def. Logan Bryant 2-up-1

Boys 8-10 2nd Flight: Brylan Marten, Litchfield def. Ryan Barnhart 3-up-2

Boys 11-13 1st Flight: Walker Stewart, Nokomis def. Cade Vinyard 4-up-3

Boys 11-13 2nd Flight: Kohen Stotlar def. Kamden Marten, Litchfield 3-up-1

at Bunn Golf Course

Girls 16-17 Championship Flight: Ellissa Waren def. Laura Boston, Litchfield 4-up-3

Boys 16-17 First Flight: Klay Komnick def. Keagan Marten, Litchfield 1-up

Boys 16-17 Second Flight: Zach Boston, Litchfield bye; Michael Pemberton def. Levi Weir, Raymond 2-up

Boys 14-15 Second Flight: Tug Schwab, Litchfield def. Jack Turnbull 8-up-6; Trace Donnan def. Brady Schmedeke, Morrisonville 4-up-3; Julian Valenti def. Ian Otto, Litchfield 6-up-5

Boys 14-15 Third Flight: Tycen Thacker, Coffeen bye

July 14 at Springfield

at Bergen Golf Course

Boys 8-10 Championship Flight: Carter Borah def. Elijah Miller, Hillsboro 1-up (10)

Boys 8-10 2nd Flight: Landon Zeigler def. Brylan Marten, Litchfield 1-up

Boys 11-13 1st Flight: James Maeda  def. Walker Stewart, Nokomis 4-up-3

at Bunn Golf Course

Girls 16-17 Consolation Championship Flight: Molly Marriott def. Laura Boston, Litchfield 5-up-3

Boys 16-17 Second Flight: Zach Boston, Litchfield def. Bryant Crosnoe 1-up

Boys 14-15 Second Flight: Tug Schwab, Litchfield def. Alio Giacomini 3-up-1

Boys 14-15 Third Flight: Tycen Thacker, Coffeen def. Mac Stone 7-up-6

July 15 at Springfield

at Bunn Golf Course

Boys 16-17 Second Flight: Charlie Reiss def. Zach Boston, Litchfield 4-up-3

Boys 14-15 Second Flight: Tug Schwab, Litchfield def. Trace Donnan 6-up-4

Boys 14-15 Third Flight: Jacob Jenkins def. Tycen Thacker, Coffeen 1-up 19


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