Cruthis Continues To Gain Ground With Win


Panama’s Case Cruthis picked up his third win in five events as the Crossroads Racing Series was at High Fly in Scottsburg, IN on July 24-25.

Cruthis was the only rider in the 4-Stroke Intermediate division to make it seven laps, running a time of 48:32. His cousin, Gideon Cruthis, also competed in the 4-Stroke class and finished eighth with a time of 50:22 for four laps.

Despite missing the first race of the series, Case Cruthis is currently fifth overall in Intermediate points and third in the 4-Stroke class, just five points behind Addie Tuttle and 11 behind Auburn Boyer. In his five races, he hasn’t finished lower than fourth.Gideon Cruthis is 15th in Intermediate points and 8th in the 4-Stroke class.

Round seven of the Crossroads Series will be on Aug. 14-15, at Ridge Run in Bloomfield, IN.

July 24 at Scottsburg, IN

Crossroads Round 6

Intermediate 4-Stroke: 1. Case Cruthis (Panama) - 7 laps, 48:32; 8. Gideon Cruthis (Panama) - 4 laps, 50:22


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