Congratulations To Our Very Own Newspaper


I would like to congratulate our very own local newspaper of record for Montgomery County on receiving several awards, again. 

Indeed, with or without awards, we are blessed by the kind of professional and personal coverage The Journal-News provides its readers, and the service its publishers, editors and staff provide to all the members of our community area. 

Many of us probably do not really appreciate what it takes to gather and share the news and to do such a great job to keep us informed and connected. And may I say, you do it in an easily readable and well designed way. 

Another important purpose news organizations like yours will always serve, is to help the people fulfill their responsibility to be informed and engaged citizens, which helps a democratic nation remain free and work toward fairness for everyone. Not too long ago, I noticed a poster about evaluating information on the internet inside a grade school. In my day, there was no internet yet, and we all do well to know how to distinguish real news from fabricated misinformation. 

Each edition of The Journal-News contains interesting and trustworthy items. I recommend a very affordable annual subscription to everyone. 


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