Change Can Happen, But Not Like This


I'm sad and I'm mad. I'm confused and disheartened by the irresponsibility of those that are supposed to govern for the people. There was complete disregard for safety of citizens and for those that are enlisted to protect us. As a citizen I am afraid of what our future holds and how it'll be when nobody is there to answer the call for help.

As an elected official I'm appalled.  I cannot fathom how you could completely hide your agenda in an 11th hour bill. Your disregard for the counties, officers, courts, and citizens that you "represent" is a disgrace.  

Criminal justice reform needs to happen. I believe that we've seen time and time again how this is true. Police agencies were willing to come to the table to work on the issues. Courts were willing to address issues. Task forces have been convened ad nauseum to address issues...and this, this is what you came up with? 

It's a joke, but not the kind that we can laugh at. It's  one that will jeopardize the safety of your citizens.  It's one that significantly impacts funding for the court systems which uphold the laws that you delegate.  Without conversations on how to fund the court system in a meaningful way, there will be no justice to be served in any manner. Justice reform can happen without eliminating essentially all order. 

Shame on you if you voted for this.  Some of you I expected this from; others I thought better of. That opinion has changed drastically.  

Illinois, we need to wake up, we're in real trouble here. We've been in financial trouble for years, but with this we're in physical danger too. Change can happen, but not like this. We need to hold those that represent us responsible for this action. We elect them; let's remember it next time they're on the ballot. 

In the meantime, don't stop calling and reaching out to your representatives; maybe amendments can be made to this train wreck if they get enough calls.


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