Bryant Hitchings’ Voice Is Needed


I know that 2020 has proven to be a difficult year for everyone around the world because of COVID-19.

The fact remains though, that we will have an upcoming election in November that will affect us locally, and in many cases globally.  I am urging you to support and vote for current state’s attorney Bryant Hitchings for another four years.

His office has a 90 percent conviction rate in the last few years, which means he is bringing cases to the courtroom that are viable, utilizing taxpayers’ money wisely, and effectuating justice respectfully to the community he and his staff serve.

As reforms come about in the near future on criminal justice, Mr. Hitchings has pursued some of these programs as part of his daily mantra, such as being a county spokesman of the pandemic, drug courts, domestic violence issues, and responsible goal-setting for his office to protect citizens.

His voice is needed. Let him go forward with your vote.  Let Montgomery County be heard.


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