Big Turnout, Big Night For Local Republicans


Montgomery County voters elected a new state’s attorney while favoring Republicans in every single race, and voters in Litchfield let city hall know they are in favor of the sale of recreational cannabis in the city during Tuesday’s general election.

In total, 83.71 percent of Montgomery County’s registered voters cast ballots–whether early, by mail, or at the polls–up more than 10 percent from the presidential election in 2016.  That, however, is a by-product of both sides of the equation: 669 more people voted in 2020 than in 2016, but there are more than 1,400 fewer registered voters now than then.

Montgomery County voters elected Republican Andrew Affrunti as new state’s attorney in favor of incumbent Democrat Bryant Hitchings, and sent six new members to the Montgomery County Board: Jim Havera of Nokomis, Doug Donaldson of Witt, Patty Whitworth of Hillsboro, Russell Beason of Litchfield, Bev McCoy of Hillsboro, and Andy Ritchie of Hillsboro.  All six are Republicans.  Reelected to the county board were Republicans Connie Taylor Beck of Litchfield, Jeremy Jones of Farmersville, Gene Miles of Nokomis, and Democrats Richard Wendel of Litchfield and Tim Fogle of Litchfield.

Republican Holly Lemons was reelected circuit clerk without opposition, and Republican Randy Leetham was reelected coroner without opposition.

Montgomery County voters also said an emphatic “no” amending the state constitution to allow more than one income tax rate, favored Republican Donald Trump for president, favored Mark Curran for U.S. Senate over winner Democrat incumbent Dick Durbin, and favored winning Republican incumbents Rodney Davis for congress and Avery Bourne for state representative.

By an almost 2-to-1 margin, voters in Litchfield gave their approval to an advisory question to allow the sale of recreational cannabis in city limits.

Montgomery County vote totals follow.

Income Tax Amendment

Yes 2,870

No 9,852

President/Vice President

Trump/Pence (R) 9,504

Biden/Harris (D) 3,889

Hawkins/Walker (G) 53

LaRiva/Pelteir (P) 6

Carroll/Patel (A) 14

Jorgensen/Cohen (L) 201

US Senate

Mark Curran (R) 8,702

Richard Durbin (D) 4,273

Willie Wilson (W) 112

David Black (G) 105

Danny Malouf (L) 189

US Representative

Rodney Davis (R) 9,630

Betsy Longdrigan (D) 3,749

State Representative

Avery Bourne (R) 9,174

Chase Wilhelm (D) 4,304

Circuit Clerk

Holly Lemons (R) 12,200

State’s Attorney

Andrew Affrunti (R) 7,603

Bryant Hitchings (D) 5,741


Randy Leetham (R) 11,983

County Board Dist. 1 (2)

Connie Beck (R) 1,190

Jeremy Jones (R) 982

Rick Broaddus (D) 784

County Board Dist. 2 (2)

Gene Miles (R) 1,318

Jim Havera (R) 1,362

Jake Leonard (L) 162

County Board Dist. 3 (1)

Doug Donaldson (R) 1,142

Randy Singler (D) 864

County Board Dist. 4 (1)

Patty Whitworth (R) 1,319

Jim Moore (D) 669

County Board Dist. 5 (2)

Russell Beason (R) 1,025

Richard Wendel (D) 768

County Board Dist. 6 (1)

Bev McCoy (R) 1,279

Paul Sellers (D) 585

County Board Dist. 7 (2)

Andy Ritchie (R) 1,410

Tim Fogle (D) 757

State Supreme Court

David Overstreet (R) 8,869

Judy Cates (D) 4,268

Appellate Court

Mark Boie (R) 8,405

Sarah Smith (D) 4,486

Judge Thomas Welch

Yes 8,901

No 2,584

Judge Stan Brandmeyer

Yes 8,733

No 2,694

Judge Jim Roberts

Yes 9,960

No 2,212

Judge Martin Siemer

Yes 8,696

No 2,693

Litchfield Cannabis

Yes 2,041

No 1,083


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