Bicentennial Concludes With Time Capsule


In the last event of the year celebrating the bicentennial of Montgomery County, municipalities, churches and families placed items in a time capsule Sunday, Nov. 28, in the mausoleum at Oak Grove Cemetery in Hillsboro.

According to Dr. Patty Whitworth, co-chair of the Montgomery County Bicentennial Committee, the Oak Grove Cemetery Board donated a crypt in the mausoleum for the capsule for the next 50 years, and Todd and Lora Dean of Bass Patton Dean Funeral Home donated containers.

“I must credit Jeff Dunn for the initial idea of a time capsule,” Whitworth said.  “He, Donna Yeske and I continued to pursue it as co-chairmen of the bicentennial committee.”

She explained that the idea is two-fold: to demonstrate the many facets of Montgomery County in 2021, and to demonstrate an awareness that change will continue to shape the people and communities over the next 50 year.

Each of the 20 municipalities in the county was invited to submit items for the time capsule, as well as area churches and families.  On Sunday, representatives from Schram City, Taylor Springs, Panama, Hillsboro and Litchfield explained items that they were placing in the capsule, which will also contain photos from the historic families event earlier this year, and photos of first responders throughout the county.

“The objects being buried here today include information about us, some of which will reflect our local town governments,” Whitworth said.  “Other items will likely shed light on our economy, social life, and the COVID-19 pandemic.”

According to Oak Grove Cemetery Board President John Stretch, Sward Masonry donated a limestone plug for the time capsule crypt, and once the crypt is sealed, a brass plate will mark the site as a reminder to open the capsule in 2071.


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