Balance Needs With Revenue/Expenses


I have had several people ask me if I am for building a new school? I believe this is the wrong question. 

Instead we should ask, what do our students, faculty and staff need and what does our revenue versus expenditure ratio look like?

 Here is my answer : I will prioritize the students, the tax payer, faculty and staff. We need to look at all our needs (technology, programs, salaries and yes, facilities together). I believe to be a good steward and we must understand that we are making decisions that have long term consequences. I do not want to incur debt if we do not have the revenue stream to pay for it. I do not want to be responsible for cutting programs or personnel because we made a bad decision. People are my priority!

In the end it is the taxpayer’s money. I would love for our students and staff to have the best but we have to balance that with our revenue versus expenditures.

We all make those choices everyday when we buy a house, car, plan a vacation, or even go out to eat. What’s in the account, what do I owe, and then I know what I can spend.

Let’s get the information out to the public and then we can decide together.


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