Area Riders Pick Up Wins At Cahokia Creek


Several area riders came home with wins from the Cahokia Creek Dirt Riders Hare Scrambles on Sept. 12, including Jhadyn Walker who topped the AA class and the overall adult race. The Morrisonville racer ran a time of 124:12.607 to beat Matt McDonald by a minute and a half.

Other winners on the day were Jordan Emmons of Carlinville (98-Open A), Collin Johnson of Gillespie (85-Open B), Ryan Komor of Litchfield (201-Open C), Brandon Frizzo of Mt. Olive (Senior 40+ B) and Steve Pickerill of Harvel (50+ B/C).

In addition to the winners, Riley Brueggeman of Carlinville was second in 85-Open B, while Nathan Dyer of Carlinville was 10th in the same class. In 201-Open C, Alex Komor was three spots behind his brother in fourth, while their dad, Jim Komor, was second in Senior 40+ C.

Others competing included Sorento’s Ethan Chesnut (third in AA), Carlinville’s David Emmons (second in Vet 30+ B), Litchfield’s Brad Saxby (11th in Vet 30+B), Gillespie’s Darold Johnson (second in Senior 40+ B) and Gillespie’s Ken Matway (third in 60+).

In the youth ranks, Huntley Durbin of Hillsboro was second in the 50cc (4-6) class, with Madoc Marfell of Gillespie (fourth), Silas Randall of Hillsboro (eighth) and Ty Rosentreter of Carlinville (11th) also competing in that class.

In the 65cc beginner class, Jhenner Walker of Morrisonville was second, just ahead of Carlinville’s Colt Rosentreter, who finished third in 65cc and first in 50cc (7-8). Mt. Olive’s Max Durbin (eighth), Carlinville’s Dawson Wise (ninth), Panama’s Case Cruthis (10th) and Gillespie’s Haedyn Marfell (12th) also raced in the 65cc Beginner class.

Donnellson’s Cooper Duff was another winner, taking first in the 65cc class over Carlinville’s Rylan Wise by three and a half minutes. Mt. Olive riders Tucker Durbin and Jake Frizzo would race in the 85cc class, placing fourth and fifth respectively.

The Cahokia Creek Dirt Riders will end their season on Nov. 7, with their annual charity team hare scrambles.

Sept. 12 at White City

Cahokia Creek Dirt Riders Hare Scrambles

50cc 4-6: 2. Huntley Durbin (Hillsboro) 33:24.652, 6 laps; 4. Madoc Marfell (Gillespie) 34:15.852, 6 laps; 8. Silas Randall (Hillsboro) 33:12.610, 5 laps, 11. Ty Rosentreter (Carlinville) 31:09.610, 4 laps

50cc 7-8: 1. Colt Rosentreter (Carlinville) 32:01.736, 9 laps

65cc Beginner: 2. Jhenner Walker  (Morrisonville) 33:15.660, 7 laps; 3. Colt Rosentreter (Carlinville) 29:37.337, 6 laps; 8. Max Durbin (Mt. Olive) 32:42.541, 6 laps; 9. Dawson Wise (Carlinville) 33:09.540, 6 laps; 10. Case Cruthis (Panama) 31:59.380, 5 laps; 12. Haedyn Marfell (Gillespie) 31:53.839, 3 laps

65cc: 1. Cooper Duff (Donnellson) 65:55.086, 6 laps; 2. Rylan Wise (Carlinville) 69:21.847, 5 laps

85cc: 4. Tucker Durbin (Mt. Olive) 67:27.137, 5 laps; 5. Jake Frizzo (Mt. Olive) 70:40.238, 5 laps

AA: 1. Jhadyn Walker (Morrisonville)124:21.607; 3. Ethan Chesnut (Sorento) 153:40.035

98-Open A: 1. Jordan Emmons (Carlinville) 128:04.584

85-Open B: 1. Collin Johnson (Gillespie) 129:45.006; 2. Riley Brueggeman (Carlinville) 133:40.066; 10. Nathan Dyer (Carlinville) 88:52.037

201-Open C: 1. Ryan Komor (Litchfield) 142:43.012; 4. Alex Komor (Litchfield) 120:12.617

Vet 30+ B: 2. David Emmons (Carlinville) 148:00.504; 11. Brad Saxby (Litchfield) 47:37.966

Senior 40+ B: 1. Brandon Frizzo (Mt. Olive) 146:04.593; 2. Darold Johnson (Gillespie) 148:16.304

Senior 40+ C: 2. Jim Komor (Litchfield) 133:55.600

50+ B/C: 1. Steve Pickerill (Harvel) 119:25.214

60+: 3. Ken Matway (Gillespie) 124:39.176


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