All's Fair In Motocross


Dozens of local riders joined competitors from all over Illinois and Missouri on Friday, June 25, at the Montgomery County Fair Motocross in Butler, which drew 106 entries in its 13 classes.

In the youth classes, the Duff brothers of Donnellson emerged from the woods of the hare scramble circuit to come away with a pair of wins, while Hillsboro’s Hudson Wright also picked up a victory.

Cooper Duff led a strong contingent of county riders in the 65cc class, as Montgomery County’s own took the top three spots. Duff finished first in both motos to take the top overall spot, while Hudson Wright was second and Cam Bone of Litchfield was third. Mt. Olive’s Max Durbin and Morrisonville’s Jhenner Walker completed the top five in the class, which drew 11 racers.

Wright’s win came a little later, when he beat out Ella Sallee of Greenup and his cousin, Harrison Helton of Hillsboro, in the Pit Bike 110cc class.

Zach Duff joined his brother in first place with a solid performance in the 85cc class. Duff, who was also fifth in Open Two-Stroke, won both motos in the 85cc class to beat out Waylon Armstrong of Pleasant Plains and Slade Emery of Litchfield. Tucker Durbin of Mt. Olive would finish fifth in the class, while Hillsboro’s Wyatt Noyes was seventh.

In the 50cc Shaft/Shifter class, Grayson Short finished a solid second behind Collins Kaith of Bloomington, while Chase Estell of Walshville and Hank Bone of Litchfield were fourth and fifth.

In the 50cc Open class, Hillsboro’s Wayde Noyes, Huntley Durbin and Silas Randall all raced and finished in fifth, sixth and seventh.

One of the highlights of the event was the pro classes, which were both won by Michael Hicks of Fenton, MO. Dawson Chesnut of Sorento was second in both classes, while Jhadyn Walker of Morrisonville was fourth in the Lite Pro group.

The Open Ladies division was one of the largest and most anticipated classes, drawing 13 competitors including several moms of those who raced earlier. Rachel Meisner, Stephanie Noyes, Madison Baker and Jordan Butler, all of Hillsboro, finished seventh through 10th, while Stephanie Short and MacKenzie Ragland of Litchfield were 11th and 12th.

The largest class was Lite B/C, with Vandalia’s Logan Nance finishing first and Collin Johnson of Gillespie taking second. Kevin Young of Litchfield, Ty White of Hillsboro and Jamie Ferrill of Taylorville would come in sixth, seventh and eighth, while Dylan Lessman and Alec Leetham, both of Hillsboro, were 12th and 13th.

Johnson and Young also ran in the Open Two-Stroke class, finishing second and third, while Ferrill was second in the 450 B/C class, with Witt’s Chris Furlow taking fourth.

In the official dad class (30+), Ryan Duff finished fourth, while in the unofficial dad class, Open Pit Bikes, the Hillsboro trio of Dustin Randall, Rob Noyes and Jon Durbin were second, fourth and eighth.

2021 Montgomery 

County Fair Motocross

June 25 at Butler

50cc Shaft/Shifter

1. Collins Kaith, Bloomington 1/1

2. Grayson Short, Litchfield 2/2

3. Callie Davis, Bethalto 4/3

4. Chase Estell, Walshville 3/5

5. Hank Bone, Litchfield 5/4


1. Cooper Duff, Donnellson 1/1

2. Hudson Wright, Hillsboro 2/2

3. Cam Bone, Litchfield 3/3

4. Max Durbin, Mt. Olive 5/5

5. Jhenner Walker, Morrisonville 4/7

6. Aiden Evans, Vandalia 7/6

7. Lila Armstrong, Pl. Plains 11/4

8. Tanner Kincaid, Sherman 9/8

9. Lincoln Heinbrough, Jacksonville 8/10

10. Max Miller, Springfield 10/9

11. Colton Chaplin, Wentzville 6/x

Open Two-Stroke

1. Logan Nance, Vandalia 3/1

2. Collin Johnson, Gillespie 2/2

3. Kevin Young, Litchfield 1/4

4. Waylon Armstrong, Pl. Plains 4/3

5. Zach Duff, Donnellson 5/5

50cc Open

1. Colt Rosentreter, Carlinville 1/1

2. Cash Hutmacher, Effingham 2/2

3. Chance Sallee, Greenup 4/3

4. Matthew Livingston, Bethalto 3/4

5. Wayde Noyes, Hillsboro 5/5

6. Huntley Durbin, Hillsboro 7/6

7. Silas Randall, Hillsboro 6/7

Lite Pro

1. Michael Hicks, Fenton 1/1

2. Dawson Chesnut, Sorento 2/2

3. Garrett Ward, Mendota 3/3

4. Jhadyn Walker, Morrisonville 4/4

5. Kodi Bollinger, Astoria 5/5

Pit Bike 110cc

1. Hudson Wright, Hillsboro 1/1

2. Ella Sallee, Greenup 3/2

3. Harrison Helton, Hillsboro 2/3

Lite B/C

1. Logan Nance, Vandalia 1/1

2. Collin Johnson, Gillespie 3/3

3. Zack Reznicek, Waverly 5/2

4. Dylan Reichert, Waverly 2/6

5. Andrew Hembrough, Jacksonville 6/5

6. Kevin Young, Litchfield 8/4

7. Ty White, Hillsboro 7/7

8. Jamie Ferrill, Taylorville 4/11

9. Dalton Garecht, Rochester 10/8

10. Carson Julian, Riverton 11/9

11. Jake Hembrough, Jacksonville 13/10

12. Dylan Lessman, Hillsboro 15/12

13. Alec Leetham, Hillsboro 14/13

14. Nathan Dyer, Carlinville 9/x

15. Chandler Mathewson, Greenville 12/x


1. Zach Duff, Donnellson 1/1

2. Waylon Armstrong, Pl. Plains 3/2

3. Slade Emery, Litchfield 2/3

4. Mason Wise, Carlinville 5/4

5. Tucker Durbin, Mt. Olive 4/6

6. Benjamin Kvorka, Jacksonville 7/5

7. Wyatt Noyes, Hillsboro 6/7

8. Connor Crockett, Vandalia 8/8

Open Ladies

1. Lila Armstrong, Pl. Plains 1/1

2. Angie Royer, Pl. Plains 3/2

3. Abby Royer, Pl. Plains 2/3

4. Lauren Brooks, Vandalia 4/4

5. Danielle West, Greenup 5/5

6. Collins Kaith, Bloomington 7/8

7. Rachel Meisner, Hillsboro 10/6

8. Stephanie Noyes, Hillsboro 6/10

9. Madison Baker, Hillsboro 11/7

10. Jordan Butler, Hillsboro 8/11

11. Stephanie Short, Litchfield 12/9

12. MacKenzie Ragland, Litchfield 9/12

13. Bristol Brooks, Vandalia 13/13

Pit Bike Open

1. Dominic Mertzae, Troy 1/1

2. Dustin Randall, Hillsboro 2/2

3. Luke Kohler, Collinsville 3/3

4. Rob Noyes, Hillsboro 5/5

5. Cole Mueller, Marine 7/4

6. Riley Stenuons, Highland 4/7

7. Ben Grapperhaus, Troy 8/6

8. Jon Durbin, Hillsboro 6/x

9. Kevin Burris, Springfield x/8

450 Pro

1. Michael Hicks, Fenton 1/1

2. Dawson Chesnut, Sorento 2/2

3. Garrett Ward, Mendota 3/4

4. Mikel White, Belleville 5/3

5. Mitch Neaman, New Berlin 4/5

6. Brock Shelton, Heyworth 6/6

7. Blake Svensson, Bloomington 7/x

450 B/C

1. Austin Hebenstreit, Vandalia 2/2

2. Jamie Ferrill, Taylorville 1/3

3. Calvin Davis, Bethalto 4/1

4. Chris Furlow, Witt 3/4

5. Kirkland Davis, Gillespie 5/x

Dad Class 30+

1. Brock Shelton, Heyworth 2/1

2. Todd Kincaid, Sherman 3/2

3. Mikel White, Belleville 1/4

4. Ryan Duff, Donnellson 4/3

5. Blake Svensson, Bloomington 5/x


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