708 Board Helps Fund Padded Cell


Last year, the Montgomery County 708 Board awarded $10,000 to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office for the construction of a padded cell at the Montgomery County Jail in Hillsboro.

“Due to the ongoing mental health crisis, this is something we have needed for a long time,” said Montgomery County Sheriff Rick Robbins.

The new padded cell, which cost just over $22,000, was completed just before Christmas in December 2021, and has been used by the department for the past few weeks. Prior to the padded cell, they had only a restraining chair to assist detainees in a mental health situation.

Robbins said the remaining funds came from the commissary account, which is designed to be used to better the detainees’ lives while in jail.

This year, the Montgomery County Mental Health 708 Board is awarding $613,202 to fulfill its mission to “support strong minds is the foundation for our future.”

They awarded $160,389 to the Montgomery County Health Department, which provides funding to maintain a contract with a psychologist at the facility.

Fayco was awarded $182,000 to help with community day services, designed to provide a wide array of services to meet the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities.

The Unified Child Advocacy Network was awarded $7,800 to provide counseling services at the Montgomery County center. Funding will help pay for the expenses of rent, utilities and mileage reimbursement for staff.

The board awarded S.A.A.D. (Standing Against Drugs and Addiction) $8,000 to continue providing services for those in need of treatment and services.

T.A.S.C. (The Autism Support Connection) was awarded $6,500 to help with access to professionals, family and social events, financial assistance for travel to appointments and safety program kits for local families and first responders.

Litchfield Family Practice was awarded $51,840 in funding to help establish integrated care between primary care and mental health.

The board also awarded funding to all four county school districts, primarily to provide counseling services at the elementary level. Awards given include $45,000 to the Nokomis School District, $41,673 to the Panhandle School District, $56,000 to the Litchfield School District and $54,000 to the Hillsboro School District.


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